This homepage contains information about my research and private practice as a researcher, counsellor and lecturer concerning sexuality and disability. I was awarded a PhD in Science of Social Work 2003 and certification as a specialist in clinical sexology 2005. Currently, I am working as an Associate Professor within the field of sexology at the Faculty of Health and Society and the Center for Professional Studies at Malmö University. My main research interest within sexology is in young people with intellectual disabilities (ID). I have worked as a sex-educator and a counsellor at schools for students with ID aged 7-21. Within my work as a school counsellor I initiated groups on sex education for young girls and boys. In my private practice BRUS- Bureau for Counselling and Education in Sexology I have worked as a sexologist counselling couples and individuals with ID. Presently, my main activities consist of lectures and supervising staff working with sexuality and disabilities. Furthermore, I have written several articles and books of both academic and popular science interest, mostly in Swedish. During the past years, I have also published easy-to-read novels for young people.

I have conducted approximately 250 lectures and speeches in the field of sexology and ID since 1993 on various occasions, e.g. at Schools of Health Sciences at several universities, FUB (The Swedish National Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities), Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan (a community college), and Lafa (Stockholm County Aids Prevention Centre).

Oral presentations at International Conferences

World Conference for Sexual Health (WAS) Gothenburg, June 2009: Young People with Intellectual Disabilities and the Internet.
World Conference for Sexual Health (WAS) Gothenburg, June 2009: Master in sexology.
Oral presenatation at the Kinsey Institute, May 2009: Sexuality and Love among Young Men and Women with Intellectual Disability”
The Dutch-Flemish Federation of Sexology: Key-note speaker Antwerp, Belgium, March 2009: “Pornofication of the society”.
Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology (NACS), Reykjavik, Island, September 2008:”Masterstudents in Sexology”.
International Academy of Sex Research (IASR), Leuven, Belgien, July 2008: Symposium: “Youth, Gender and Pornography”.
NACS, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2007: ”Youth, Gender and Pornography”.
WAS, Sydney, Australia, April 2007 together with Professor Sven-Axel Månsson: ”Youth, Gender and Pornography”.
Swedish-Finnish junior college conference in Murmansk, 2007
NACS Gothenburg, September 2006:”Love and Sexuality in Cyberspace”.

I am conducting research in the field of sexology and the science of social work. Aside from my research concerning love, sexuality, sexual health and sex education for young people with ID, I am also interested in the significance and consequences of Internet use for love and sexual purposes. Other topics are young people and pornography and sexual desire in every day life for men and women in Sweden. In addition, I am conducting studies on sexology as an academic subject and sexology as a profession, and on sexual risk taking among children and adolescents who are put into compulsory institutional care.

Scholarships, guest researchers and lecturing assignments

Visiting Scholar at The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, Bloomington University, Indiana, April-May 2009, contact person Dr Erick Janssen.
Guest lecturer at New York University, The Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality, USA, February 2007, visiting Professor Don Kulick.
Guest Researcher at Pacific Center for Sex and Society at University of Hawaii, Honolulu, visiting Dr. Milton Diamond March 2005.
Guest lecturer for staff members at institutions for children and youth with disabilities in Lithuania. Organizer: Stockholm University, three visits during the period of 1999-2000.

National and international Networks

Member of the Advisory Board of WAS (World Association for Sexual Health) 2009-2012
Member of the International Academy of Sex Research since 2004, attended conferences 1999 New York, 2004 Helsinki, 2006 Amsterdam, 2008 Leuwen
Member of World Association for Sexual Health since 1989, attended conferences 2001 Paris, 2007 Sydney. Member of the scientific committee for the world conference in Gothenburg 2009.
Member of the Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology since 1989, attended conferences in 1991 Hindås, Sweden. 1993 Örenäs slott, Sweden. 1997 Saltsjöbaden, Sweden. 1998 Rungsted Kyst, Denmark. 1999 Grimstad, Norway. 2001 Visby, Sweden. 2002 Köpenhamn, Denmark. 2003 Pärnu, Estonia. 2006 Göteborg, Sweden. 2007 Köpenhamn, Denmark. 2008 Reykjavik, Iceland.
Member of Svensk förening för sexologi (Swedish Association for Sexology) since 1989, board member with different assignments since 1996.

The RFSU prize award 2003. (The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education) for promoting sexual health and rights for young people with intellectual disabilities.


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